An Emmi case study with Europes top 50 companies

November 2022

Hello everyone, As COP 27 kicks off in Egypt, quantifying the impact (and therefore financial exposure) a business has on climate is changing globally…

May 2022

Cutting through the noise about that hyped climate risk talk this week.
A step-by-step guide

March 2022

Hello everyone, As the world accelerates towards net-zero, investors are needing to quantify portfolio-level carbon risk from the bottom-up across their…

November 2021

Hello everyone, The politics of COP26 in Glasgow is over and the financial world continues to accelerate towards net-zero. Investors are looking to…

September 2021

Hello everyone, Hope you are safe and well. One long-time frustration of mine is how people like to lump climate change in with deep-green…

June 2021

Hello everyone, You’ve probably been hearing a lot in the news about countries and companies committing to ‘net-zero’ carbon emissions. President Xi…

May 2021

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